Are They Sending Me Money?


It’s been almost 24 hours since I announced the existence of this blog to friends and family. Before I sent the fateful email, I had a brief discussion with Chloe about what I was planning to do. You see, I delayed publicizing my initiative for a couple of weeks because I felt somewhat guilty about exposing my children’s antics to the wider world. Will they end up in therapy for life and addicted to painkillers because I’ve exploited them? These are some of the thoughts that have lingered in the back of my mind since I started this endeavor.

Chloe gave me her blessing to proceed (not sure she understood the entire concept, but she agreed to the conditions, so too bad for her) with the mass email. So here I am writing another entry, this one thanks to Chloe.

I should preface the following anecdote by saying that Chloe is a very wise child and a bit of an entrepreneur. She knows the value of money and why she should earn it. She had a lemonade stand in September and over the course of two days, one of which was rainy, she earned about $39 selling cookies for $0.25 apiece and juice for $0.50 a cup.

When I told her that I’ve received some very nice feedback about the blog entries, she was very happy. And she completely assuaged any lingering feelings of guilt when, with her eyes lit up like firecrackers, she asked of my readership, “Are they sending me money?” After I stopped laughing, which took a few moments, I replied, “Why would they send you money? If anything they should send me money in return for my entertaining them with my prose.” She then retorted, “Well, I’m the one in the stories.” Point well taken.

Please note: I am not soliciting donations here, either for my girls or for me. Do not send money. I am simply recounting the conversation I had with my daughter.

Note to my dear Chloe: Thanks for providing me with such terrific content for my blog. When I become rich and famous off of your shenanigans, I’ll buy you a college education. Love, Mom.

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