In Today’s News


(1) Didn’t throw a fit…at all. She remained calm and happy for most of the day. There were some grunts and groans, and crocodile tears, but nothing Super Pink Me Not Mom couldn’t handle.
(2) Had another stellar session of creative movement (see my update to the initial blog post here).
(3) Voluntarily went to the couch to take her afternoon nap. All of that dancing exertion must have wiped her out.
(4) Informed me that she had made number two and assumed the horizontal “change my diaper” position without my asking her to do so.
(5) Has a new favorite exclamation: “Gross!” (not difficult to guess where that comes from; see below for her inspiration)
(1) Also had a decent day, with minimal angst and frustration.
(2) Upon being informed that her Grammy was in the delivery room (along with her papa) when she was born, asked, “Did I come out of your v____a?” To which I responded very matter-of-factly, “Yes, you did.” Her reaction: “That’s GROSS!” You don’t know the half of it, sweetie.
(3) Made a good-faith effort to remain seated at the dinner table until her father told her she could be excused. That’s not to say that she accepted her fate without protest; the protests simply came in one-minute intervals instead of every 30 seconds.
(4) Hugged my husband and me this evening without our asking her for one. Mind you, she’s thankfully not at the stage where hugging us humiliates her, but I have noticed that she doesn’t do it as frequently as she used to.
In a stupefying feat of baking, I made a pear tart from scratch (including the crust). Book club friends, if any of you read this entry before our gathering tomorrow night, consider yourselves on notice that you are going to be my guinea pigs. If you give my creation your seal of approval, I will replicate it for Thanksgiving at my mom’s next week.
All in all, a very excellent day.

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