It’s Not Enough to Have One Fashionista in Training

This anecdote was recounted to me by my husband. He suggested I add it to my blog, so here goes.

Let me preface the following story by emphasizing the fact that while I think I have a decent sense of style, I am not “Project Runway” material, nor do I shop as if I believe I’m “Project Runway” material. I don’t spend hordes of money on clothes, and much of what I have in my closet was purchased years ago. As for my husband, any sense of style he has is thanks to me. I also wish my dearly departed father was here to witness these episodes. He may no longer be with us physically, but his fashion sense thrives in his grandgirls.

You’ve already read about Chloe’s attempts to discover her sense of style (and her struggle with making choices). It seems that Sophie has now caught the bug, too.

Forgetting that Sophie had a YMCA gym date with her father, our babysitter tried to put pajamas on Sophie after her bath. Sophie started to cry and protest when confronted with her nightclothes. Now, I’d like to think that Sophie is really smart. To the point of knowing that today is Wednesday, which means fun gym class with papa before bedtime. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part. She simply didn’t want to put on her pjs.

My husband came to our babysitter’s rescue, and carried Sophie to her closet so that she could choose an outfit. Note to Papa: Didn’t you learn anything from my blog posting about Chloe the other day? For crying out loud, Sophie’s only two! At least I waited until Chloe was six to give her the chance to break down in tears over clothes.

So what did Sophie take from her shelves? Believe it or not (although I guess if I’m being honest, it’s no surprise), she pulled out her denim mini-skirt and her pink (yes, pink – it’s very hard to avoid pink in a girl’s wardrobe) tunic shirt (see photo above). What did she exclaim once my husband dressed her? “Pretty!” Shoot me now.

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