Sisterly Love

What can I say? As much as I write about the kiddies and their “you’re driving me crazy” behavior, there is one thing about the duo that warms the cockles of my heart (I’ve always wanted the opportunity to use such a silly-sounding cliché), and reassures my husband and me that we must be doing something right. It’s their unfettered love for one another.

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, many family members remarked on Chloe’s behavior towards little Sophie. While Chloe never hesitates to let us know when she’s upset with us (and much to our chagrin, she never hesitates to express such dissatisfaction in front of hordes of other people), she rarely exhibits anger with her sister. It does happen occasionally, of course, but she generally treats her sister with nothing but kindness and tenderness.

It’s the little things. If Sophie covets a toy that Chloe is using, Chloe is usually happy to share it with her sister. If Sophie is crying, Chloe will approach Sophie and ask her why. If Sophie needs help on the playground equipment, Chloe is there. If Sophie is jumping on the bed, Chloe is happy to join in the fun.

And Sophie idolizes her big sister. Whatever Chloe is doing, Sophie wants to do, too. She wants to eat whatever Chloe eats (it’s unfortunate that it’s not the other way around, because Sophie could teach Chloe a few things about enjoying good food). If Chloe is upset, she’ll shed crocodile tears in solidarity with her grande soeur. If Chloe likes a song, Sophie will joyfully dance to it. You get my point.

Truth be told, this sibling lovefest is unfamiliar territory for me. When my brother and I were kids, we endlessly tortured each other. Tickling combined with wet kisses was my favorite method; practicing Hulk Hogan-style wrestling moves on me was his preferred m.o. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that we didn’t start getting along until he visited me at college and realized that his sister knew how to have fun, too.
Needless to say, it’s a good thing those sibling rivalry genes don’t seem to have been inherited by my girls, who are off to a much more propitious start than my brother and me. Here’s hoping it lasts.

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