A Day at the Museum

We spent our first day as New York tourists visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All nine of us piled into two cars and trekked into the city. It was ten times more pleasurable than I would have imagined, given that our group included a toddler, two six-year olds and two teenage boys.

We explored a good four hours in the halls of the Met, where Chloe received some tutorials about Greek and Roman mythology, and learned a little more than she already knew about male and female anatomy, which caused quite a bit of laughter. We saw sumptuous bedrooms in the European Decorative Arts wing, lots of mummies and the Temple of Dendur.

Sophie logically fell asleep somewhere during our visit of the European bedrooms. Chloe, other than a few “I’m bored” comments, held up admirably well, and even enjoyed most of the adventure.

I like to think that our warning to her earlier this week – that her French family was expecting a well-behaved little girl – might have actually had a small impact. But if I’m being honest, the real reason is probably the Game Boy – incredibly, she and her cousin took turns without any disputes. Their shared interest in electronic games has allowed them to bond. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m liking Game Boys a lot this week.

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