“I’m a Little Distracted”

Chloe’s Grammy (my mother) called a little earlier. Chloe and I each picked up a handset at the same time. Grammy asked Chloe how she was doing. “Fine,” was my daughter’s succinct reply. Grammy then inquired whether Chloe knew that she’s babysitting on Saturday.

This babysitting gig is very exciting for my husband and me, by the way. We haven’t had a date night in months. We sacrifice EVERYTHING for our children. We are MARTYRS for our kids. That’s not really true, but after spending countless days and nights, mostly nonstop, with my little ones, a night out is something to treasure. Anyway, the two of us will actually be celebrating my birthday by going out to see a movie that’s not a children’s cartoon, and to a restaurant for dinner that’s not the local pizzeria. Yippee.

Back to my little story. In response to my mom’s initial query about Chloe’s knowledge of her imminent visit, Chloe first said, “Yes,” and then said, “Actually, I didn’t know you were coming.” After a brief pause in the conversation, Chloe suddenly chimed in and explained her wishy-washy answer. “I’m a little distracted because I’m watching my TV shows right now. Goodbye.” At least she’s honest.

A fulfilling telephone conversation with Grammy: a dime a dozen.
Watching an episode of “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” for the twentieth time: priceless.

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