Let It Snow!

We had our first more-than-just-flurries snowfall today, and the girls regaled themselves sledding; Sophie for the first time.

I hate the winter and the snow, so I stayed inside to (1) nurse a cold, (2) do laundry (truly, I never thought this would be me at 39, but best-laid plans…), (3) belatedly order snowpants for Chloe since I thought I’d have at least another few weeks before she’d need them and (4) frantically try to wrap holiday presents before the girls returned to find me in flagrante delicto (and not in the sex sense, just the gift-wrapping sense).

Sophie was visibly excited about the white stuff; Chloe just a tiny bit blasé – all of those years of experience, you know. My husband thankfully noted how glad he was that we didn’t live in Canada, because it must have taken about 20 minutes just to get the two girls ready to go outside. Imagine having to do that everyday…

It’s one of those dreary, eerily quiet kind of Sundays. And it’s only December 2. Granted, we had an amazing spring, summer and fall, so who am I to complain? But it’s going to be an extremely long winter, if today’s weather is any indication of what the future holds. I’ve been thinking of taking a trip down to Florida in a couple of weeks to visit my ailing grandmother. That idea is becoming more appealing by the hour. Sunshine, here I come!

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