Merry Christmas!

Too tired to write much this evening. Was up in the middle of night thanks to Sophie, who apparently had a nightmare. Then up again at 6:30 AM, thanks to Chloe, who absolutely had to see the presents that Santa Claus left for everyone. You know, in case he changed his mind and removed them by 8 AM.

It was a lovely day, spent among family – eating good food (I don’t think our kitchen has ever had that much of a workout – I even used the microwave as a regular oven), drinking good champagne and wine, and relaxing. The girls enjoyed their presents, and Chloe had only one meltdown, when we pushed her to take a walk with her Papa, aunt, uncle and cousin, and she adamantly refused. Sophie spent most of the afternoon napping (I wonder why…) and when she wasn’t sleeping, she was either eating, playing with her new Play-Doh or her new toy pirate ship, or pushing her shopping cart around the house.

Our relatives also enjoyed themselves, a sentiment that manifested itself by their eating way too much. My oldest nephew, who is 17, said he’s gained about 5 pounds since arriving here – 3 days ago! This is what happens when you come to America (or go on a cruise). You conveniently forget healthy nutritional habits and succumb to gluttony.

Tomorrow’s plan is to confront the crowds at the American Museum of Natural History and to visit Central Park. One can only hope that some physical activity – perhaps strenuous rockclimbing – will help to ease the pain induced by our recent overindulging. To be continued…

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