My Father’s Watch

When my father died almost eight years ago, my mother gave one of his watches to my husband. It’s a beautiful timepiece, and my husband usually wears it on special occasions. My husband has never been a habitual watch-wearer, so this one has spent most days in its box.

Until the other day, that is. I rediscovered it after my own watch’s battery died. My watch is like an appendage. I’m very discombobulated without it. So, as I was looking for another watch that worked, I came across the box containing my dad’s precious watch. I studied the box for awhile. I then thought, maybe I can actually wear it.

I opened the box, and there it was, beckoning me. I put it on. The band is a little too big, but the rectangular face doesn’t overpower my wrist. It actually looks surprisingly nice. So I left it on, and except to shower and sleep, I haven’t removed it since.

Wearing it makes me feel closer to my dad. You see, I haven’t been to the cemetery in a really long time. It’s funny. I still think about him everyday, but I just don’t visit his grave very much anymore. He certainly doesn’t care whether I go or not – he’s dead – but graves are there to be visited, aren’t they? I sometimes feel like I’m breaking a cardinal rule about dead people that requires the living to make pilgrimages to the cemetery on a regular basis.

But now that I’m wearing the watch, I think I’m honoring my father infinitely more than a 5-minute visit to a headstone in the ground. Thanks, dad. I love you and miss you. And by the way, your taste in watches was truly impeccable.

One thought on “My Father’s Watch”

  1. Thanks for sharing that memory..yes your dad had good taste in all things and fyi I still have several other watches of his just in case….
    Love, Mom

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