New Job!

I have a new job. Starting in January. And the best part is that it’s local. A seven-mile drive from the house. This means two things: my days commuting to New York are OVER. And I’m going to gain approximately ten hours a week with my family because of it.

It’s said that good things come to those who wait. I’ve been enjoying the stay-at-home gig for almost seven months now, while conducting a somewhat random job search since the end of the summer. When I left my previous employer, I told my husband that in an ideal world, I would eventually return to work close to home. But I didn’t think it would happen. Most of my interviewing took place in the city. But then serendipity struck. This opportunity fell into my lap, through a friend (thank you, friend!). And I’m thrilled. The job is interesting, with a good deal of responsibility. And as an added bonus, I get to buy a new car (more on that in a future blog entry).

The job is a recent development, and since accepting the offer, I must say that I’m feeling pretty giddy. I am on a carefree, month-long vacation. Which allows me to feel more relaxed than my usual worrywart self (the worrying is still there, it’s just in semi-hibernation). This translates into more time enjoying the kiddies. Even when they’re being annoying.

Over the last week or so, very little they do causes me to raise my voice. I still roll my eyes, I still curse to myself, but Mommy yelling is at a minimum (relatively speaking). And against all odds, the girls and I even had a great three days while my husband was on his business trip. The lure of Hanukkah presents engendered loving feelings on the girls’ part, I’m sure. But a great job seven miles from home helped too…

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