Sophie’s First Crush

Sophie LOVES her 17-year old cousin from France. Maybe it’s the cute accent. Maybe it’s his cool teenager attitude. Maybe he smiled at her just so. We’ll never know with certainty the reason for her devotion, but he’s her go-to guy this week. Even Papa has taken a back seat to our nephew. I told him that his girlfriend now has fierce competition for his attention.

What I do know is that she loves him so much that she allows him to play with her barnyard animals. And she expresses her admiration in other ways too. Like letting him hold her sacred burp cloths (which she treats like Peanuts’ Linus treats his blanket) and her little lamb, Shirley. She’s even managed to convince him to watch her morning cartoons with her, thanks to which he’s learned that Dora the Explorer has a cousin named Diego. If he asks for one of her grapes, she happily shares with him, and only him. A request from anyone else is flatly refused. And when he enters the dining room in the morning, she greets him by jumping up and down, pointing at him and screaming in glee.

As far as she’s concerned, he might as well be a rock star. I’m sure she would adore a poster of him over her crib. I’m not sure it would go with her bedroom decor, but it would certainly make her day.

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