Top 10 Things I Will Miss When I Return to Work

10. Being able to wear jeans everyday.

9. Free time! In particular, having the luxury to really appreciate these last few months at home with the girls.

8. Walking Chloe to the bus stop each morning, accompanied by a prancing Sophie.

7. Dinner together as a family almost every night.


6. Having a day to myself on Thursdays, our weekly babysitter day.

5. Reading books for pleasure – I’ve lost count of the number since May.

4. Dancing, singing and jumping on the bed with Sophie each day.

3. Being there to console the girls when they’re sad or hurt.

2. Helping Chloe with her homework and talking about her day at school -at an “I have all the time in the world” pace.

1. Bearing witness to daily Sophie and Chloe antics, the inspiration for “Pink Me Not.”

I would be lying if I said that this list doesn’t have a counterpart – i.e., things I won’t miss when I return to work. Look out for that top ten in the next couple of days.

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