Top 10 Things I Won’t Miss When I Return to Work

Note: It goes without saying that I won’t be totally off the hook when it comes to the following crimes against Mommy, since mornings, evenings and weekends are still fair game, but I’ll take whatever reprieve I can get.

10. Waking up in the morning without set plans for the day (which sometimes was actually a nice thing, but mostly not).

9. Whining Chloe; crying Sophie.

8. Not having money in the budget to plan our next vacation.

7. Watching the same episodes of “Go, Diego Go,” “Dora the Explorer” and “Blue’s Clues” over and over again.

6. Having to repeat myself twenty times when asking Chloe to do something.


5. Trying to get Sophie to take her afternoon nap.

4. Not having an excuse for why I haven’t cleaned the house or prepared dinner.

3. Chloe’s exclamations of “You’re mean, Mommy!” or “That’s not fair!”

2. Sophie clamoring for her Papa whenever I piss her off.

1. Not having any legitimate reason to wear something other than jeans.

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