A Few Random Friday Thoughts

I took this picture this morning. What do you think of the sisterly love? Chloe had taken a break from her computer to pose for the camera with Sophie. Sophie thoroughly enjoys watching Chloe play games on the computer. Our little one roots for her sister all the time.

Chloe recently learned about a new web site, called www.tvokids.com. TVO is the Ontario equivalent of PBS. We’ll see how long her fascination lasts this go-round. She hasn’t visited the Webkinz web site in ages. Her poor pets would have starved to death long ago had they been endowed with real heartbeats.

Such is life for a 7-year old (actually, she turns seven in a few days). Interests come and go. Obsessions come and go even faster. I’m bracing myself for the next big craze.

Chloe made more woven paper placemats today. Luckily, I wasn’t around for them. Otherwise, I would have pulled my hair out. Sophie spent the day at our babysitter’s place. She saw her friends. She loooovvvves her friends. I don’t think she has a real concept of what “friend” means, but she’s happy to have them in any case.

The end of my second week at work. Even had to go it alone with my boss away for 3 days. I survived. I guess I’m still capable of doing the office thing. It’s good to know. Anyway, we’re going to watch Michael Moore’s “Sicko” tonight. It will probably make us nostalgic for France.

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