America at a Crossroads

Last night’s New Hampshire primary was fascinating to me. As I sat and watched the results slowly trickle in, it started to sink in that we’re truly all in for a big change.

Who would have ever thought, just a few years (or even months) ago, that two of the most serious contenders for the presidential nomination would be an African-American and a woman? It shouldn’t be such a startling thing, really. What is amazing to me is that the United States, for all of our talk of diversity and melting pots, is so homogenous when it comes to its politics. And that until now, the closest we’ve come to diversity in a President was a Catholic JFK.

I can’t wait to see the current administration pack its bags and take a long walk off of a short pier. In fact, I’d happily vote for a barrel of monkeys to lead this country – almost anyone would be better (except those freaky Republican candidates) than the clowns who have made us a laughingstock in the eyes of the rest of the world.

That said, the thought of having Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama occupy the Oval Office is thrilling to me. All the more so because there’s a good chance it might actually happen. And it’s about time.

When I think about Chloe and Sophie, and what Clinton and Obama represent for them, I can’t help but smile. Their candidacies prove (political affiliations notwithstanding) that one can reach for the stars and succeed, regardless of race or gender. What an incredibly important lesson to learn.

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