Buttered Bread

I find it very amusing that our little Sophie takes after her father when it comes to butter and bread. All the more so since our big Chloe takes after me.

I like butter well enough – in very limited quantities and melted on toasted bread. Chloe only started tolerating a dollop of melted butter on toasted bread about a year ago. Until then, every piece of bread she ate, she ate unadorned.

Sophie is another species altogether. She obviously was born with the bulk of the French genes. She likes nothing better than globs of butter (melted or not, she’s not picky) on all kinds of bread (toasted or not, she’s not picky on that score either). She even makes satisfied “mmmmm” noises as she gobbles it up.

I’m scared for her next doctor’s appointment. I’m already in trouble with the pediatrician because Sophie refuses to take her vitamins. Maybe I need to mash up the vitamins in the butter. Do they test for cholesterol at this young age?

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