I Love My Girls

I don’t have much to write about tonight, but I just want to say that I love my girls. That’s obvious, I think (and hope!), but I enjoy saying it out loud to myself sometimes.

They have their faults and they do things that annoy us to no end. But they also do magical things, and say lots of funny things, and are joyful more than they are angry or sad.

Chloe is the passionate, serious one. Sophie is our clown. Chloe likes to act like she’s 12. Sophie is happy to be 2. They’re usually strongwilled and independent, but my heart melts whenever display their vulnerability. It’s during those times that I’m free to console them and hug them for as long as I like.

And when they sing and dance, I’m simply happy to be alive – which is not to say that I’m not generally happy to be alive. It’s just that my happiness quotient goes up a notch.

Anyway, enough of this sugary sweet essay. I’m starting to gross myself out. We’ll return to our regular programming tomorrow.

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