Post-Prandial Joy

Sophie loves to eat. Eating makes her happy and joyful. Especially after dinner.

The pre- and post-meal contrast is startling. Before sitting down for her last meal of the day, she is usually horrendously cranky, which is not surprising – she is a toddler after all. But get some food into her, and she’s a new person. Tonight’s meal was couscous and chicken. She loved the couscous – it reminds her of rice. And like rice, couscous is messy and fun to eat. She left a trail of it all over the table, her chair and on the floor. I’m sure there was plenty of it between her toes as well.

After finishing her plate, she made the rounds of our plates, and helped herself to some more of the yummy grains. Once she had had enough, she started jumping. All over the dining room, all over the kitchen. She’s really starting to master the art of testing gravity – I don’t remember Chloe being so proficient at jumping when she was Sophie’s age.

Every night is the same. Sophie eats, Sophie’s happy. Sophie eats, Sophie sings. Sophie eats, Sophie dances and jumps. You get my point. It’s nice to know that we can rely on Sophie to bring smiles to our faces once she’s sated. Go Sophie!

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