Chloe and Sophie live in the same house and have rooms on the same floor. But that’s not good enough for them…Chloe especially. Chloe is obsessed with having sleepovers.

She’s only had two of them in her short kid life. But she loves them. In both instances, we hosted the extended playdate and they were great fun for Chloe and her friends. Every couple of weeks she asks about having another sleepover, and we have promised that we would try to arrange another one in the near future.

In the meantime, however, Chloe wants to have a sleepover with Sophie. This poses an interesting challenge. Sophie still sleeps in a crib. Even if Sophie slept in a bed, Chloe’s bed is a twin size bed. And Chloe can’t join Sophie in Sophie’s room or vice versa, because we don’t have an aerobed.

I suppose we could eventually let the girls sleep upstairs in the attic where there’s a double bed. Or we could invest in some sleeping bags. I’m glad they love each other so much that they want to have sleepovers together. Sophie doesn’t know what sleepover means, but she’s happy to enthusiastically support any of Chloe’s suggestions.

Now that I think of it, however, Chloe should think twice about insisting on a sleepover with Sophie right now. Unless Chloe is willing to be startled awake in the dead of night by Sophie’s earth-shattering night terror screams. Be careful what you wish for, my big girl.

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