Sophie’s Funny Face

I don’t remember much surrounding the circumstances of this photo. I know it was taken on a weekday morning, when I was snapping pictures of Sophie and Chloe to get some new images for my blogging.

I don’t think Sophie was angry about the flash in her eyes. And I don’t think she was channeling Jekyll & Hyde like she’s done in the past. In fact, I seem to recall that she was in a pretty happy mood.

Come to think of it, Sophie makes lots of funny faces. Those of you who have explored this blog before know that she’s given us some real doozies.

I like this picture. OK, it’s not particularly flattering. But it’s great for future extortion purposes (“Eat your broccoli, or I’ll send this photo over the AP Wire, with the headline ‘Psycho Toddler Runs Amok.'”). Most important, this photo makes us laugh.

I can think of some good captions. “Mommy, your sunny morning personality is blinding me.” “Chloe, do you really think this household revolves around you? Come on, get real! I am the center of this universe.” “Papa, you’re really bald. Wow. Balder than my butt cheeks.”

Enough of this silliness. It’s time for our dinner.

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