Swim Party

Chloe is celebrating her 7th birthday with a swim party tomorrow. We’re expecting 18 kids to go crazy in the pool – and Chloe can barely contain her excitement. What better way to forget it’s January than with a pool party?

Chloe has everything planned out. She put way too much thought into the goody bags. We spent way too much time at the bakery deciding on a cake theme, which is going to be “treasure island.” She went ahead and opened all of the packets of goody bag items, resulting in extras that I can no longer return to the store. This, of course, makes her very happy. Not me.

She’s had her clothes and bathing suit sitting ready on her dresser since Wednesday. She reminded me to pack the cake knife earlier this evening. She’s counted and recounted the goody bags for the last week. She’s reassured friends who aren’t necessarily comfortable in the water that the pool isn’t that deep, and if they’re really nervous, they can come just for the cake.

I have no doubt that she would drive herself to the party if she could. She would sleep at the pool if she could. The problem is that the party isn’t until tomorrow afternoon – so you can imagine what we’re going to have to endure in the 8 hours between her waking up in the morning and her greeting friends at the pool. “How much longer?” “Seven hours.” “AAAAHHHHH. That’s so long!” Stomping feet. Huffing and puffing. I think I’ve sketched a pretty clear picture.

It’s going to be a long day. I better check our aspirin inventory.

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