Dazed and Confused

Since returning to work, most of my days have been incredibly satisfying. Tiring, but satisfying and challenging. But every once in awhile, I’ve had a difficult day. A day where I feel like it’s my first day of work all over again. Questioning my intuition and my judgment…and generally feeling completely clueless.

Granted, it’s only been a month. And I’m notoriously hard on myself. Always have been. And always will be. But today was just one of those days.


Part of it stems from the continuing adjustment to juggling work and life outside of work. For eight months, all that stress had disappeared. There were other kinds of stress, but it was a lot different. We’re now back in running, running, running mode. Very little time to enjoy the girls during the week. A fleeting moment captured here, another fleeting moment there. And before you know it, either it’s time for my husband and I to leave for work, or for the girls to go to bed.

That said, it’s fulfilling to be back in an office, to be learning new things and to have responsibilities outside of the hubby and kids. Onward and upward…and I absolutely must get back to the gym!

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