Forget the Blues Brothers, INXS Rules

The girls have discovered INXS. Let’s face it, the Blues Brothers are so yesterday. So is INXS for that matter, but Chloe and Sophie don’t know that.

Sophie and I were dancing to their music earlier. She’s actually quite good, and she really loves to move. After a few minutes, however, she decided to show off her gymnastic talents – attempting, without much success, to do a headstand.

My brother sent Chloe another CD mix for her birthday. We haven’t yet had time to really delve into the music, but from what I’ve heard so far, the Blues Brothers will truly be a distant memory once the girls get their feet moving to those tunes.

I’m glad to leave the Blues Brothers behind. They’re really quite annoying. Chloe’s also enjoying some of my retro Depeche Mode music. I hope to get her hooked on David Bowie next, but I’m not counting on it. While he’s always been my favorite, I’m not sure she’s ready for him. I won’t give up, however. He’s a musical icon who deserves to be appreciated by the young ‘uns.

Fortunately, Chloe hasn’t yet asked me to take her to see the new Hannah Montana 3-D movie. Having to sit through that would be a penury worse than arts & crafts. She did ask me if she could watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, though. She doesn’t even know what football is, but her teacher told the kids that the commercials are fun and the music at halftime is good. Which actually might be the case this year, since Tom Petty is performing.

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