Happy Valentine’s Day

This is Sophie giving us attitude. She’s been doing that a lot recently. From imitating all of the things we wish Chloe wouldn’t do, to finding her own ways to annoy us to death.

This face, however, was more of a Sophie being silly face while eating a Valentine cupcake. It’s truly thrilling to see what new things she going to do everyday – whether she surprises us with new verbal skills, or acts even more closely like her monkey cousins with her climbing skills – even discovering what pisses her off is somewhat entertaining, once we manage to distance ourselves from her tantrums.

Now that Sophie so eagerly apes her sister, the pressure is on Chloe to behave. But for a 7-year old, that mandate is especially difficult. At dinner, Chloe got up to get a napkin – but she didn’t simply stand, walk and retrieve. She stood, danced (and shook her booty) and eventually retrieved. During which time, Sophie, who usually thinks her sister is the best thing since sliced bread (except when Chloe hits her), stood, danced (and shook her booty) and retrieved nothing.
For a few minutes, dinner devolved into a dance contest.

What to do? They were too cute to get angry. And they did eventually sit back down and finish eating. My husband and I lost control over our girls for a pretty delightful five minutes or so. It wasn’t the first time and it definitely won’t be the last. The joys of parenthood.

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