I Need Our Camera!

I mentioned in one of my recent blog entries that my husband trashed our camera the other day. I immediately ordered a new one – for his birthday, no less – but it still hasn’t arrived.

And I am desperate. Without the camera, I’m helpless to post new photos to the blog. And I know how much my five or six loyal readers enjoy seeing pictures of the little monsters.

So, if you’ve already seen this photo of little Sophie, please forgive me and blame my husband. To make matters worse, he broke it while trying to take photos of the girls drowning in a sea of stuffed animals on our living room floor. But that mess is now long gone. An opportunity for cuteness lost, never to be recaptured (ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, since I’m sure the girls would like nothing more than to dump the stuffed animals on the rug all over again).

His birthday is on Saturday. And there’s no way I am going to wait until Saturday to use that camera if it arrives before then. Too bad for him. It’s going to be an early birthday present, to which I have exclusive rights. I love those kind of “shared” presents, especially when they’re his.

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