I’m Sitting Here Watching Primary Returns…

…and feeling optimistic about the future. Because I have to believe that a talented Democrat,whether a woman or an African-American, is going to win back the White House in November, and put our country back on the right track, both in the eyes of its citizens and in the eyes of the rest of the world.

I voted for Hillary Clinton today. Her last debate appearance convinced me. Her mastery of the issues, and her poised and confident delivery impressed me. And, hell, she is a woman. An extremely accomplished woman, who has succeeded depite all the naysayers, as a senator. And despite the baggage. What politician doesn’t have baggage? And, frankly, I’m not a dreamer. I’m not someone who believes that one person can unite the country (or more important, Congress). To me, that’s naive – a nice sentiment, perhaps, but awfully naive.

I was proud to vote for her, and I hope she becomes the nominee. I want my girls to grow up knowing that, as women, they can reach for the stars and aspire to great things.

And the talk about change (Obama) vs. experience (Clinton) is all well and good, but it is inevitable that a woman in the Oval Office will bring change. Much needed change. And let’s face it, times were pretty good with Hillary’s husband in office before Bush laid waste to everything his predecessor had accomplished.

At the end of this incredibly long primary process, if the nominee turns out to be Barack Obama, I will cast my vote in November with a smile on my face. And with continued hope that someday, before I grow old, we’ll see a woman serving as President of the United States.

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