More Oldies But Goodies

No new camera yet. It’s Murphy’s Law. Whenever you order from and don’t need it quickly, it comes the next day. When you need something urgently, it takes forever.

I ordered the camera on February 20. That’s eight days ago. They’re estimating arrival on March 4. I mean, really. It’s not as if Canon had to produce a special order for my dear husband. The camera was in stock.

So, this is a photo of Sophie when she turned one. She’s changed a lot since then. Especially her hair. Went from baby-wavy to crazy-curly almost overnight.

This is Chloe about one year ago. Showing off the two front teeth she had just lost. She looks so much younger here. More innocent. She still behaves like a toddler sometimes, but she no longer looks like one.

Today, she impressed us with knowing what the prefix “pre” means. In the context of Pre-K, she said that it meant before kindergarten. When we told her that it came from Latin, I wasn’t sure she knew what Latin was. But she confidently responded that it was a language. When I replied that it was indeed a language, but that it was a language no one spoke anymore, she said, “That’s not true. I speak Latin – pre-K is Latin!”

Long live Latin!

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