One Step Closer to Potty-Trained

This is our second go at potty-training. And with no more kids coming down the pike, it’s going to be our last (yeah!). Chloe took to it with a bit of difficulty. With her, number two was a piece of cake. But number one took a couple of years.

A few months ago, Sophie started to show some interest in the potty. Every once in a while, perhaps two times a week, she would sit on the potty and try to go. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But she wsa willing to try, and who were we to say no?

Then, as is often the case with toddlers, she lost interest. Nothing for some time. Lately, however, her potty antenna is up again, and our babysitter has been encouraging her to use it, with some good results.

The latest chapter involves our asking Sophie if she’d like to sit on Diego (the potty seat on the toilet is graced with pictures of the cartoon character – kids’ merchandising at its finest) when we sense that she’s ready to go. Her answer is usually no, and she proceeds to put her diaper to use. But she’s recently taken to asking us to visit Diego when she experiences a break in her movement. So upstairs we go, and she goes to work on the toilet. And she succeeds.

We’re in no particular rush for her to be trained, but we have applied to join a swim club. If we get in (fingers crossed), and if she’s decided she’s able to go diaperless by then, we’ll be all set. Goodbye baby pool. Hello deep end!

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