Out of Sorts

Sophie’s been a bit out of sorts since yesterday. A little under the weather, and a whole lot of cranky. She required cuddles, but she often resisted them.

She’s become a fan of throwing things. Especially things that make noise. Jim-Jim, the guinea pig we’ve been watching, is terrified of her. She’s not a threat to him, but whenever she’s near his cage, he scampers away into a corner of his cage until she leaves again.

I don’t blame him. If I was his size I’d be scared too. She’s just too unpredictable. I think he’s going to be very happy to return home tomorrow – where there are no toddlers scampering around and causing mayhem. And I think Sophie is the only one who’s going to miss him.

It’s been a week, and she’s the only child in the household who displays any interest in feeding him. And even she’s not consistently enthusiastic. It’s a good thing my husband and I are around to pick up the slack. The moral of the story is that we’re not getting a pet anytime soon. Not even a fish or a crab or a bug. Two human girls are more than enough work.

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