Snow Day!

Our first snow day this year. I had to go into work this morning because we were interviewing a candidate for an open position, and she was determined to make the appointment. It’s good that she came, because we liked her a lot. The office closed at 2, so I came home early and found my husband and the girls playing in the snow.

When Sophie went inside with her Papa for her daily nap, Chloe and I stayed outside and tried to go sledding. It didn’t work so well. I gave Chloe a laughing fit when I fell flat on my face. We then decided to build a snowgirl. Chloe did a terrific job of preparing the body. We used peppermint patties for the eyes, a carrot for the nose, and big weeds for the arms (with the roots of the weeds for fingers) and mouth. Chloe also made a snow bow for the snowgirl’s head.

I had a terrific time, and Chloe was enchanted. And I actually think that most of her enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that I was making the snowgirl with her.

I’d post a photo of our sculptural masterpiece, except my dear husband broke our camera the other day. Fortunately, his birthday is coming up soon. So much for the seltzer maker he wanted – I’ve already ordered a new camera.

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