Sorry, No Photos

Yes, my friends. No photo of the girls tonight. The camera finally shipped today. But it’s not scheduled to arrive until March 4. Too bad for you and too bad for me. A little bad for my husband, since his birthday is on March 1. I don’t have much sympathy for him, however.

In today’s news, Chloe and Sophie were monkeying around under the attic bed. When Chloe tried to crawl out, her cheek touched what looked like a dead bee. She freaked out, screamed that it hurt. She actually had a little mark. But unless the bee had only been dead a few minutes, she couldn’t have been stung. She’s fine. We put some ice on her cheek, and there’s no swelling. If nothing else, she has a good story to tell her classmates tomorrow.

On another note, we received official notification that we’ve been accepted into a swim club for the summer. It feels a bit like we’ve won a popularity contest. They like us, they really, really like us.

On yet another note, how can it be that our cable company (Verizon FIOS, which I’m generally very happy with) doesn’t offer MSNBC – a news channel, for crying out loud? I wanted to watch the Democratic debate tonight (which might be Hillary Clinton’s last hurrah) and can’t. I am mighty pissed. I hope she does well tonight, but I’m afraid that even if she does, it will be too little too late…

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