The Princess and the Jeans


These jeans are not unlike the jeans Chloe put on this morning. Back in September, when she and I went shopping for school clothes, I convinced her that a pair of jeans was an essential piece in any well-dressed person’s wardrobe.


She resisted, of course, having lived in cozy soft cotton leggings for the bulk of her six years. I eventually talked her into trying on a pair, and with some strong-arming on my part, she allowed me to purchase them for her.

But I’m a sucker. Until today, in the six months or so since I bought the jeans, she wore them all of twice. Maybe it’s because she just celebrated a birthday, but Chloe was suddenly enthusiastically amenable to wearing them to school today. That is, until she put them on, and threw a fit because the zipper was “bothering her.” I mean, come on. The jeans fit her beautifully. But she was having none of it. I gave her the option of changing into her daily fare of leggings, but she didn’t want that either.

After a 1/2 hour of tortured hemming and hawing, she finally gave in. The jeans stayed on and she had a nice day at school. I told her that I liked to see her in the jeans because she looked like a big girl, more so than when she wears leggings. She reluctantly admitted that she thought so too.

Once all was said and done, this peaceful ending to a somewhat tumultuous morning came not before I realized that the princess who had a problem with a pea has been reincarnated as Chloe.

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