Bon Voyage, Chloe

Chloe is off to Florida tomorrow with my mom. Yippee! I love my daughter soooo much, but I am extremely excited (arguably too excited) to have a quiet weekend. Not that a weekend with Sophie will necessarily be quiet, but it will definitely be a lot quieter.

Chloe’s newest thing is an obsession with Ripley’s Believe it or Not. And of course, she chooses to recount the grossest anecdotes during dinner. Her favorite story is the one about the man who was born with a long tail. They cut off his tail and now he has a huge belly button on his back where the tail used to be.

Sophie’s newest favorite phrase is “Hey, guys!” It’s very funny when she says it, because she says it with great confidence and authority. After she told me she had finished her pizza, I ate her remaining portion. Of course, she went looking for it a few minutes later and when I told her I ate it, she exclaimed, “You took MY pizza!” And without missing a beat, she gave me the evil eye and stuck her tongue out at me.

Maybe Sophie should be the one going to Florida.

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