Guess What Sophie’s Eating

Disgusting, no? This photo was taken a week or two ago, at breakfast. It was an intact chocolate muffin. After Sophie got her paws on it, however, it became a mess of crumbs – inedible.

Why do kids do that? Today at lunch she amused herself by pouring, yes pouring, salt onto her french fries. And being slightly more adventurous than her older sister, she ate a couple of them. We told her not to, but she insisted. And then drank her whole cup of milk to compensate for the taste left in her mouth.

Unsurprisingly, Chloe left me with a souvenir before boarding the plane to Florida yesterday. Her germs. I have inherited her sore throat and nausea, and spent most of this afternoon in bed. That’s what I get for cuddling her in her small twin bed in her moment of need. I just hope I feel better quickly. Apparently, Chloe is starting to get over it, but since I’m older – I’m just not as optimistic about a swift recovery. What a way to have to spend the one weekend in over a year when it’s just us and Sophie. On the other hand, better to be sick now than with the two girls at the house.

You know spring is just about here when every other weekend or so, there’s a PGA golf tournament with Tiger Woods. He’s my favorite athlete ever. I don’t play golf, but I love to watch him play. I know, weird. I actually know the game pretty well, considering I tend to watch it obsessively when Tiger is playing well, which is almost always. Don’t I have better things to do with my time, you’re wondering. I’m sure I do. But we all have our vices, no?

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