Ring Around the Kitchen Island

This is Sophie in one of those rare, candid action shots. The girls’ new favorite pre-bedtime activity is called, “Chloe, Run!”

It starts when Sophie cordially invites her older to sister to run. Chloe, ever the good big sister, eagerly complies. And the girls start running around the house. And in particular, around the kitchen island.

Sophie is a fast runner. But the greater danger lies in the fact that the top of Sophie’s curly head just about touches the corners of the island. And they’re pointy.

Now, if my husband and I were parents worthy of our beautiful little daughter, we would have already childproofed that island by covering the corners in plastic. We would have also installed a carpet runner on the stairs. And I’m sure I can think of a lot of other things we should have already done to lessen the risks to our darling Sophie.

But boy, are they having fun. Chloe even taught Sophie how to give Papa a wet willy. Chloe is a great teacher.

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