Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air. The sun is on board in any case. The temperature, not so much. But it’s amazing what a difference one year makes.

Chloe took out her bike this afternoon. Last year at this time, she was still unsteady on two wheels and needed help getting started. Not only did Chloe not need any help this time around, she rode around the block and then to the nearby playground – all told probably close to two miles.

Now, that may not sound like much. But for Chloe, that’s huge. She’d still sit in a stroller if she could – she’s a bit of a lazy butt, truth be told. Today, however, she was the queen of bicycles. She reigned over the road (because the sidewalks in town are impossible to navigate on two feet, let alone two wheels), and did so (mostly) responsibly.

And when she took a spill (she did so twice), there were no tears. There would have been tears, and lots of them, last year. But this year, she picked herself up and her bike up, smiled, and rode away.

And after an afternoon where she challenged us with her less-than-stellar behavior, the bike ride did wonders for her attitude. She was happy and calm for the remainder of the day. Her endorphins had a workout and it showed.

The question I have now is whether she’ll maintain her enthusiasm for this mode of transportation, now that she has seemingly mastered it. Only time will tell. But if the grin she wore during her outing is any indication, I may have to buy myself a bike too…

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