The Girls Are Back!

Chloe and Sophie evidently missed hamming it up for the camera. Needless to say, they made up for lost time today. Here are two of the sillier shots, taken this morning after my husband opened his birthday presents, which also included a seltzer maker called the “Fountain Jet” donated with love by my mom. The girls loved that. Because it makes funny noises when the CO2 gets added to the water.

We had an activity-filled day. Went bowling this morning. Sophie enjoyed it, Chloe didn’t. That’s because we needed to help Sophie roll the ball down the lane. As a result, her score was better than Chloe’s. Chloe was upset about that. So we only played one game.

Earlier this evening, all of us went to the YMCA for family swim. The girls really enjoyed it. And we did too, until we realized how cold it was outside the water. Then we had to wait, dripping wet, for one of the two family changing rooms to become available. Why they only have two such rooms is beyond me. Oh well. We survived.

This photo to the left is Sophie pretending to be one of her stuffed animals. Isn’t it nice to have a camera again?

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