The New Camera Has Arrived!

Here it is. My new favorite toy. The box arrived today – a brand new Canon PowerShot 570IS. The broken camera was very similar to this one, except an older model.

Maxime hasn’t yet opened the box, but we will start using it tomorrow. Can’t wait. I missed a lot of “moments” this week, no thanks to my dear husband – who will officially be only one year away from 40 when the clock strikes midnight.

I love this camera already. And my loyal readers should be happy too. Because starting tomorrow, I should have a host of new photos of the girls. And even though this is technically his birthday gift, I consider this gadget to be 80% mine. All the more so since I never did get a birthday gift from him. That’s actually not entirely true. He got me jewelry, and I didn’t like it, so we returned it. He hasn’t replaced it. Probably because he’s still simmering about the fact that I didn’t like his gift. Oh well. Life is tough.

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