Tiny Tattletale

Sophie’s taking on a new character trait. She’s becoming a tattletale. I don’t have a particular problem when she informs us that Chloe has done something to wrong her, since that’s to be expected of siblings.

But she took it to a whole other level this evening. Sophie was munching on some Cheerios, and I asked her for one. She complied, and I ate it. And told her how yummy her Cheerio was. But then she realized what she had done, and suddenly, she wasn’t smiling anymore. She accused me of stealing her Cheerios and indignantly left the room.

She obviously doesn’t yet grasp the concept of “giving.” Which is fine – she is only 2 1/2. But the episode didn’t end there. About five minutes later, she returned to the room, glaring at me. And accusing me of eating her Cheerios. When I kindly tried to remind her that she had given the Cheerio (and mind you, it was only one) to me, she ran out of the room to her Papa, and informed him that “Ate Cheerios Mommy!” She is talking in sentences, although she hasn’t yet caught on to the subtleties of grammar.

My dear husband did nothing to defend me. He laughed and commiserated with Sophie by giving her a hug.

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