Where’s Sophie?

You have to look hard to find Sophie in this picture. The girls had dumped every one of their stuffed animals on the floor. They have quite the collection. This scene was actually a do-over. We were not able to memorialize the first, spontaneous episode because my husband had destroyed the camera.

I display this picture to prove a point: the girls have taken over the house. There is not a single corner that doesn’t contain a souvenir of our two little ones. I find legos, barrettes, little pocketbooks, puzzle pieces, crayons everywhere. It drives me nuts.

This morning, Chloe used Chapstick to glue two of our broken entry floor tiles together. She’s convinced she’s fixed the tiles for good. I’m glad the Chapstick is being put to good use. Because I’ve bought several of them for her over the years, and she likes them because they make her lips shiny. But they mostly just go missing after a week or two, and I’ve found plenty of them without their caps, dried out under our couch.

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