Chloe now watches old episodes of “Saved by the Bell.” What a dumb show. I can’t believe it was on TV for four seasons. So many mullets! And Mario Lopez! And Elizabeth Berkley pre-“Showgirl” infamy!

“Zoey 101” isn’t that bad, actually. Jamie Lynn Spears’ character is smart and good-hearted. There are a lot of worse shows for kids out there, I suppose. And there’s nothing funnier to Chloe than watching a kid jump around like a maniac with a rat in his pants.

Hillary and Barack are debating tonight. It’s likely to be Hillary’s last chance to build up support. It’s not looking good for her. Barack seems impermeable to criticism. Kind of crazy. I’m disappointed (not just because I donated quite a bit of money to her campaign). Assuming he makes it through to the nomination, it will be interesting to see how he fares in the general election against that old geezer McCain.

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