A Family that Bikes Together Stays Together

As a belated birthday present, and early anniversary (14 years) and Mother’s Day present, I got a bicycle today. Until a few hours ago, everyone in my little family had one except for me.

But I’m no longer feeling like an outcast. I have a brand-new shiny silver bicycle. And boy, have bikes much improved since I last rode one (which if my memory serves me correctly, was back in 1993 or1994, when my husband and I went to Bruges in Belgium, rented bikes and rode for miles into Holland until we got lost and my knee went out on me.

Anyway, my new ride around town has tons of gears – on both handlebars – and killer braking. The seat cushion is very cushy and even when I’m riding slowly, the bike maintains its balance and my feet remain on the pedals. Cool.

This afternoon, we all went out. Sophie finally relented and wore her helmet, and rode with my husband in the seat attached to his bike. At first, she was crying. But after our brief tour around the neighborhood, she just wanted her Papa to take her “zoom” (i.e., fast) some more. Chloe and I continued our adventure, to the local playground and back.

I’m looking forward to the coming months and having a family activity that gets us out and about together. Fun, fun, fun.

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