A Whale of a Time

These muscle shirt photos crack me up. The girls look so funny in them.

Anyway, Chloe and Sophie made their daily pilgrimage to visit our babysitter in the attic after dinner (our babysitter sleeps over a couple of times a week). They do this every night she’s here – and they proceed to spend time running around the room, jumping on the bed, pretending to fly (not such a great thing to encourage in Sophie’s case, since I don’t think she really understands that people can’t fly. We wouldn’t want her to test it out from a perch that’s taller than she is) and having pillow fights.

But they were having so much fun tonight – they were euphoric, really. Simple play, simple fun. Care free and happy.

And Sophie is a really good jumper. We have a little ottoman in the attic, and she jumped off of it and landed on her two feet every time. Chloe never did things like that when she was Sophie’s age. Sophie is much more of a risk-taker than her big sister, who has always been cautious. It’s a first-born thing, I think.

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