Crepes, Anyone?

As a proper French family, we should have eaten crepes for Mardi Gras. But time has a way of flying by, as we all know. So, two months later, Chloe and her Papa finally made crepes with Nutella.

Or, as Sophie calls it, “Tella!” – with the big, excited exclamation point that you can hear in her voice. She and her sister proceeded to each eat two crepes. And, boy, were they happy (as you can see from the photo). And if I’m being honest, I was pretty happy, too. Homemade crepes are a super treat. You can bet that our girls were in great moods after that dessert.

On another note, Sophie apparently doesn’t lack in self-confidence. When our babysitter told Sophie that she was beautiful, Sophie matter-of-factly responded, “I know.” Very glad she’s developing such great self-esteem. Although we may have to cease reminding her of her cuteness all the time. Otherwise, her little head might explode. In which case, she wouldn’t be so cute anymore.

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