Elusive Sophie

This is just about the best picture I managed to take tonight of little Sophie, who was dancing with her sister to their favorite CD mix, courtesy of their musically inclined uncle.

During the loud and incredibly danceable “Kids in America,” Sophie and Chloe let out all of their inhibitions and shook their booties like crazy on the couch and around the living room floor. There were tons of fantastic photo opportunities, most of which I missed, and not for lack of trying.

Two incredibly important factors worked against me. The first was the camera. It takes great pictures when you have a willing subject, but it also takes FOREVER to reboot after using the flash. By the time it was ready to go again, Sophie’s butt filled up the lens. The second impediment to Annie Leibovitz-quality imagery was Sophie herself. I truly believe that she will do anything to sabotage the photos I try to take of her. She never used to be so calculating. But she’s 2 1/2 now, which I think explains much, if not all, of her behavior.

But you’d think she’d learn a thing or two from her sister who, at 7, adores mugging for the camera. Then again, Chloe always adored mugging for the camera. In stark contrast to her little sister, Chloe will do anything to get in front of the lens.

Which actually leads me to a third reason why I am increasingly unable to take a decent photo of Sophie. Chloe hogs the spotlight. Did I tell you that in addition to wanting to take piano lessons, she’d also like to act?

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