Future Lance Armstrong?

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, my little Sophie has discovered the joys of tricycle riding. It’s really thanks to Chloe, who rediscovered her own bicycle a couple of weeks ago, and has had good fun riding about town with her father chasing after her.

Sophie, after witnessing her sister’s glee, decided that she was also ready to transport herself on wheels. She hadn’t shown much interest in Chloe’s old tricycle before, but when she saw it the other day, a light must have gone off in her head. She hopped on, and with me holding the handle behind her, started to pedal away as if she’d been at it for years.

She insisted on going out again this morning, even though it was cool and drizzling outside. Up and down the block, over and over again. “Pedal, pedal, pedal!” she yelled with enthusiasm. And then, a round of tag up and down the sidewalk, with Sophie grinning from year to year. These moments – so carefree, so happy, so exuberant- put everything into perspective. And remind me how lucky we are – our girls are simply irresistible.

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