Hi, Poops!

As soon as I walked in the door this evening, Sophie enthusiastically greeted me with a huge grin, a huge hug, and a loud, “Hi, Poops!” And then she laughed and laughed.

She really is a happy kid. Although she has taken to screaming when she doesn’t hear what she wants – a ploy learned from her big sister, of course.

Spring has sprung. The leaves are awakening, the flowers are blooming, and the weather was beautiful today. We took a walk after dinner and it was lovely.

Chloe on her scooter and Sophie on her tricycle. Both have mastered their respective modes of transportation – and I was particularly impressed to see Sophie pedaling away (it’s one of those toddler trikes with a handle in the back that the adult can control) – something she wasn’t able to do about a month or so ago.

Our walk put me in a good mood – I am so happy that we can now officially look forward to warmer, sunnier and longer days. And our swim club orientation is in a couple of weeks, which is very cool, indeed.

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