Muscle Shirt Fatigue and Webkinz Crime Part II

I know, it’s been a week of these muscle shirt photos, and you’re all (that is, all 5 of you who read this blog regularly) groaning every time you see a new photo of the girls in their new pajamas.

I promise to take new, non-muscle shirt photos this weekend. But until then, I’m running low on visual material, so you’ll just have to deal.


We went to Chloe’s bingo night at school earlier. We lost. And Chloe was very frustrated that the adults were winning more than the kids. And especially frustrated that she wasn’t winning at all. Life is tough, kid. Grin and bear it. She cheered up towards the end of the night when she and a couple of her friends ran around the hallways playing tag.

The Webkinz saga continues. We met the assistant principal at the school, who told us that it turns out that the Evil Doer not only scammed Chloe and her two classmates out of their virtual belongings, but also scammed several of her own classmates out of their stuff. She received several calls from unhappy parents about the perpetrator of the cyber-crime. And she said the father of the criminal was going to mete out severe punishment by taking away the girl’s Webkinz.

And honestly, if I were the child’s mom, she would be off Webkinz for the rest of her natural life. I’d be forcing her to write a personalized apology to each and every child whose things she stole. Or having her write “It’s a sin to steal Webkinz” 1000 times in perfect penmanship. Something meaningful.

Now, I don’t want to be judgmental, but where were the parents during all of this? I mean, it’s one thing not to notice if your kid is committing wrongdoing with one person’s Webkinz account – but think of the time it must have taken for this girl to raid ten accounts (at least)! Especially since she couldn’t send herself everything at once. Seriously, Chloe and the others have been cyber-raped. I’m still in shock.

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