Muscle Shirts

Sophie struck the perfect pose in this photo – the “muscle shirt” pose. They’re both wearing new pajamas – and had I known they looked like that, I might not have bought them.

And by the way, I did not instruct Sophie to pose in that manner. She thought of it all by herself.

When I saw her do that, the Village People immediately came to mind. Except her arms aren’t as toned as theirs were.

She had her biannual checkup the other day and she’s doing well. Needs to eat more iron-rich foods – spinach, anyone? – and gained a little more weight than she should have, but otherwise she’s perfect. We’ve put her on a diet. Just kidding. But we are watching her daily intake a little more closely. She’s much more active than Chloe was at her age, so I’m not too concerned. But still, we do want to be careful.

When we told the doctor we weren’t planning to start her in nursery school in the fall, the doctor (whom we adore) could barely contain her disappointment. “She’ll be three, you know. It’s important for her to start socializing…” We didn’t tell her that we weren’t ready to spend money both on a babysitter (which we’d still need pretty much all day) plus preschool – even if it were part-time. Sophie is getting plenty of stimulation when she spends time with her little girlfriends at our babysitter’s house on Mondays. And God knows, she’s getting more than enough stimulation from Chloe. And from TV (but we won’t mention that).

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