Oh, the Horror!

Sophie has discovered Chloe’s old Barbie dolls. It’s appalling. But I’m going to keep as calm about it as I can. If all goes well, Sophie will know (and will be repeating to others) that I don’t approve of that ridiculous doll. But for now, I’m cool.

She wanted to play “dolls” earlier. That’s her newest thing – to play dolls. Where she got that from, I have no idea. Perhaps from Monday visits with her friends at her babysitter’s house. I’ll have to find out if the other little girls talk about playing dolls. It’s certainly not from Chloe.

I tried to keep the Barbie episode lighthearted – the Ken and two Barbies danced and shook their booties to a silly made-up song. But inside, I was a wreck. She’s a girly girl. Her favorite color is pink. She has taken to looking at herself in the mirror when she’s wearing a skirt, admiring herself and exclaiming, “I’m beautiful.”

Have to give her credit – she’s developing a good self-image. And it certainly is endearing when she says, “Look in miwah…I’m bootiful.” But Barbie? I’m thinking it might be time to inaugurate the fireplace. It’s a little late in the season, but I’d wager that Barbies make great kindling.

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